Standard Screed

Premier Mortars’ factory-produced ready-to-lay screeds and specialist screeds are designed to provide a durable, high quality floor levelling solution to suit a wide range of domestic and trade applications.

Our product range features traditional screeds; fibre-reinforced screeds; fast drying screeds; thin-layer screeds; self-bonding screeds; heavy duty screeds and tile-bedding screeds. Please request additional information as necessary, or contact us to discuss your specific screed performance requirements.

All our ready-mixed screeds comply with relevant British and/or European standards and can be delivered direct-to-site or collected in customers’ own vehicles from a national network of production units.

Our Standard Screed belongs to our Screeds product range.

Standard Screed Downloads

Standard Screed Application Information

Standard Screed have a range of applications outlined in the table/s below.

Standard Applications
Traditional Properties Applications
1:3 Heavy Duty
1:4 General Purpose
1:5 Light Duty
BS EN 13813 Compressive Strength Class BS EN 13813 Flexural Strength Class Applications
C30 F3 Heavy Duty
C20 F2 General Purpose
C16 F1 Light Duty
Standard Screed
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