Polymer Screed

Our Polymer Screed incorporates styrene-butadiene rubber, (SBR,) which is a synthetic rubber copolymer, consisting of styrene and butadiene. SBR is known to have excellent abrasion resistance and ageing stability properties.

Polymer Screed is a self-bonding product, which provides high performance at reduced thicknesses. It is largely used as a flooring underlay and infill screed and is particularly good for achieving falls to drainage systems or levelling falls. Shrinkage and cracking is reduced, permeability is minimised and flexural strength is improved.

Our Polymer Screed is competitively priced and we can offer a range of convenient delivery options from small quantities to bulk loads, covering the majority of the UK.

Our Polymer Screed belongs to our Screeds product range.

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Polymer Screed Application Information

Polymer Screed have a range of applications outlined in the table/s below.

Premier Performance Screeds Applications
Traditional/Dry screed General flooring & underfloor heating, tile bedding
Fibre screed Enhanced durability Reduced shrinkage
Premier Fast drying
Premier HD Heavy duty fast drying
Polymer SBR Self bonding / Reduced thickness
Type of Construction Minimum Thickness
Monolithic 15mm
Bonded 40mm
Unbonded 50mm
Floating 75mm
Thickness (mm) Approximate Coverage Area m2/tonne
25 18.0
30 15.0
35 1.03
40 11.0
45 10.0
50 9.0
55 8.2
60 7.5
65 7.0
70 6.5
75 6.0
Suggested applications only and may be subject to Engineer/Architect approval
Polymer Screed
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