Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed

PM Advance 5 Screed is Premier Mortars new rapid-drying, semi-dry sand/cement screed aimed at time-critical projects!

Once installed, screeds need to dry fully before the final floor finish is applied and standard screeds typically dry in-situ at a rate of 1mm of depth per day. This drying time can be dramatically reduced by using our branded ‘Premier Screed’, which dries as 3mm depth per day; however, at a typical depth of 75mm, there can still be a 25 day delay to the project before a floor covering can be fitted.

Premier Mortars’ new PM Advance 5 can now deliver substantial time-savings to site programmes as it has been proven to offer a drying time of 5-6mm per day. The high performance chemical admixture incorporated in PM Advance 5 has been developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University, who have run detailed laboratory tests to determine the level of performance offered by this material against a variety of competitor offerings. The report concluded that PM Advance 5 screed delivers a faster drying time than all other screeds on test. Rapid performance products are increasing in demand in today’s fast moving contract market and we are therefore pleased to add PM Advance 5 Screed to our ever expanding portfolio of products.

Our Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed belongs to our Screeds product range.

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Advance 5 Rapid Drying Screed
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