Ready to Use Mortar

Mortar is a vitally important part of every construction project from general brick and block-work to major housing sites; retail, commercial and public sector developments and civil engineering projects. Our ready-to-use factory-produced mortar should be planned in at an early stage of your project.

Premier Mortars recommends that sample panels are constructed on site, prior to work commencing. We will personally deliver samples of your chosen mortar, produced to exacting specifications.

Automated weigh systems and detailed quality control of each batch of ready-to-use mortar, supported by on-site consistency tests performed on every delivery, underlines our commitment to performance.

Our Ready to Use Mortar belongs to our Mortars product range.

Ready to Use Mortar Downloads

Ready to Use Mortar Application Information

Ready to Use Mortar have a range of applications outlined in the table/s below.

Ready to use Mortar
Mortar Class BS EN998-2 designation Traditional Mortar Class Designation Compressive Strength N/mm2 Initial Shear Strength N/mm2
M12 I 12 0.15
M6 II 6 0.15
M4 III 4 0.15
Ready to Use Mortar
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