Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What strength of mortar should I use?

    Below DPC = M12

    Above DPC = M4

  • Q. How much usage would I get from 1m3 of mortar for the following?

    Standard bricks – 1300 bricks

    100mm block – 650 blocks

    140mm block – 450 blocks

  • Q. Where should M6 mortar be used?

    In areas exposed to extreme elements such as coastal areas and in building above 5 storey’s in height.

  • Q. What notice/lead time is required to get a mortar (or screed) delivery?

    24 hours (or previous day for screed)

  • Q. What is the minimum amount of mortar I can have at one time?

    The minimum amount of mortar delivered at one time is 1m3, however dependant on delivery distance and colour, the minimum may be 2 m3. Please ensure you confirm with our staff when ordering.

  • Q. How can I be sure I have the correct colour for the project I am undertaking?

    The best way to ensure you have selected the correct colour is to build a small test panel of 12 to 18 bricks and allow it to dry. This will give an indication of the final finish. Our Sales Managers will attend site for an exact colour match to an existing build.

  • Q. Can your trucks carry more than one mix?

    Our vehicles have 5 pods to carry multiple products. Individual products are allocated accordingly dependant on quantity, mortar type and colour.

  • Q. What quick drying screed would you recommend?

    PM Advance 5 Screed is Premier Mortars new rapid-drying, semi-dry sand/cement screed aimed at time-critical projects! Once installed, screeds need to dry fully before the final floor finish is applied and standard screeds typically dry in-situ at a rate of 1mm of depth per day. This drying time can be dramatically reduced by using our branded ‘Premier Screed’, which dries as 3mm depth per day; however, at a typical depth of 75mm, there can still be a 25 day delay to the project before a floor covering can be fitted.

  • Q. What is the Cost of tubs?

    Tubs can be purchased outright for £55, alternatively we can sell tubs for £60 per tub with £45 refundable upon return and in good condition. There is an additional one off handling fee of £40 to cover delivery and collection of the tubs.

  • Q. How many tubs per delivery?

    Each tub holds 0.33m3 therefore 3 tubs = 1m3. We have done a calibration exercise on a new mortar tub. Please see the photo below, showing the level fill point for 333 litres, (0.33m3.)

    Please see the photo below, showing the level fill point for 333 litres, (0.33m3.)

    Marshalls Tub
  • Q. What is your morning delivery time?

    Our delivery window for an AM delivery is between 6am and 12pm, however we can accommodate a timed delivery for a charge of £50.

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